runstar™ FULL VERSION is now available in Android Market. No more excuses. Go out and run! Get it here.

runstar™ is the only running application you'll ever need; bringing you a easy to use and friendly running experience that will help you exercise. Download runstar™ and get all the things you need and want, nothing more, nothing less. Try the different run modes, Power up when you need that extra boost, see your progress and share the results with your friends. For more info see below.

and remember...

Everyone can be a runstar

Run the way you like

There are a number of playful ways you can workout with runstar™. Each workout type comes with a unique set up which is made to make your workouts as varied, fun and accelerating as possible. In short: a new running experience each time.

Get the full picture

You are always in full control while you run; large digits and buttons make runstar™ intuitive and easy to control while you’re on the move. The built in lock screen keeps your phone safe from accidental presses and you still have access to all of your vital information.

Power Up!

When your energy is running low or when you are on that final stretch, press the Power up! Your Power-up Song will start playing and runstar™ will go in to Power-up mode; boosting your energy with warm and vibrant colors.

Enjoy your results

Half of the fun of running is being able to enjoy and compare your results afterwards. runstar™ gives you a fantastic overview of your results. You can easily compare individual workouts, entire months or just swipe the top card to get easy to read and fun statistics of your results. The map view shows you where you’ve run and time stamps for each km/mile, you can even switch to satellite view if you wish.

Share your result via Facebook, Twitter or via mail instantly from within runstar™.

Challenge yourself

Set goals for yourself and track your results. Each goal is specially designed to trigger you in different ways to reach it. The energy-filled animated visual presentation of each goal will be as much a treat to look at as a reason for you to plan your next run. When you've reached your goal, let your friends know how great you are through the one click Facebook sharing.